About Viva

There are entirely too many outside influences that can cause genetic mutation to fully exterminate, history has reflected this fact.  There are also mutations that occurs outside of inheritance, scientific discovery has proven this fact.  So how do we, as the dominant of society, enforce hygienic purity?

We develop as many solutions as we can.  We fight as fiercely as we can.  We remain as vigilant as we can.

It is NOT about ethnicity grouping.  It is NOT about religious beliefs.  It is NOT about political alliances.  It is about passing down your genuine legacy of good health, high intelligence and noble character.


Bio-Medical: Your Health, Sustained.

We consistently employ top talents in their selected fields to develop vaccines, serums, antibodies, immunizer, antitoxins, cryogenics, revival and nutriments to help you sustain and perform at your best.

At Viva, we view nano-technologies as an introduction of a foreign substance irregular and unnatural to humanity.  Organic maturation in a natural state of being provides the best growth and defenses.  We have the world’s largest harvest of specimens that finding the right match to meet your standards is guaranteed.

We have the ONLY Federally approved facilities in the world.

Our services start at $2M USD for the most basic procedure.



Ensuring the next generations’ prosperity is never an easy undertaking.  As a functioning society does require the masses to be of skillful, qualified and willing laborers.  In addition to contributing to the improvement of life standards, we are more vigilante in our efforts to improving the genetic composition of the human population.  One of our developed solutions for improvements is DUEL Challenge.